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Dorms & Sleeping Porches

girls in their dorm

Home Away from Home

Foxcroft has five dormitories that each house between 20-45 girls. Dorm Teams are comprised of four dedicated faculty members and several student leaders managing residential life and daily happenings. Each dorm includes dorm rooms with study and personal space for all students (boarding and day) as well as sleeping porches outfitted with bunk beds.


Our Dorms

Our Sleeping Porches

In this busy, hyper-connected world, students need permission to unplug and let their brains rest in order to thrive. Sleeping porches nurture their well-being by promoting sleep and align with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)’s "Healthy Sleep Habits" protocols that encourage the following:

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule: bedtimes for underclassmen help establish routines that prioritize sleep!

  • Use your bed only for sleep and relaxation: separating schoolwork or other distractions from your sleeping space.

  • Make your bedroom quiet and relaxing: sleeping porches are cool (recommended ideal sleeping temperature is around 65 degrees F, no warmer than 67 degrees F) and quiet.

  • Turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime: blue light can substantially reduce the production of melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone we naturally produce) and alter our circadian rhythms.

  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet: all students participate in sports or some form of structured physical activity each season. This, in combination with healthy options at the Dining Hall, supports good sleep hygiene.

To that end, the following expectations for sleeping porches help students develop these healthy habits:

  • Porches separate study and social spaces from the sleeping space.

  • Porches remain technology-free zones. This means no blue lights from screens interfering with sleep patterns and no late-night disruptions from social media updates and calendar reminders.

  • Porch rules maintain a consistent structure where each girl has the same schedule that values and promotes sleep.